Polar convergence/An error has occurred

Otomys Gallery 10, 09, 2023 - 17, 09, 2023
Gippsland Art Gallery 03, 06, 2023 - 20, 08, 2023
Centre for Contemporary Photography 24, 06, 2019 - 20, 08, 2019
Nishi Galley 07, 06, 2019 - 11 08 19

Gippsland Art Gallery Installation photographs provided by Lindsey Roberts
Nishi Gallery Installation photographs provided by Rohan Thompson
Video courtesy mattrichards.tv

Otomys Gallery, in converstion with Simon Homles a Court & Climate 200 
Gippsland Art Gallery, Artist talk 03, 06, 2023
Wedge Performing Arts Centre, Artist talk 06, 06, 2023
CCP, Artist talk 24, 08, 2019
Nishi Gallery, Panel discussion 08, 06, 2019

Publication by Perimeter Editions, 2018
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An error has occurred by Melbourne-based photographer Rohan Hutchinsn is a series of large-format photographs that Hutchinson took during an expedition to the Arctic in early 2017. The focus of the expedition was to record and document the beauty, immensity and diversity of the Arctic landscape in this particular moment. Upon returning to Australia, Hutchinson set about reinterpreting and expanding the scope of the resulting photographs in a bid to respond to the impact of climate change on the Arctic region and address our responsibilities not just Australians, but as global citizens.

The final works comprise of two components. The first is a series of large-format photographs that capture the beauty, enormity, tonality and specificity of the winter landscape. The second is a series of physical and chemical reworkings of these photographic prints. Executed in Australia, this series saw Hutchinson resensitise the original C-type photographs with photographic emulsion liquid and expose them to the harsh Australian sun. Paired with their originals, the works reveal a ravaged, blackened Arctic landscape. The works act as both a poignant allegory for the global resonance of our actions and as a précis on the limits and potentials of the photographic medium, taking Hutchinson’s research-based practice to new creative terrains in the process.

'At this particular moment’ by Dan Rule. First published in An error has occurred [Perimeter Editions, 2017].

Considered Environment

Curatorial lead and Exhibition Design Rohan Hutchinson
Centre for contemporary Photography 17, 03, 2022 - 17, 04, 2022
Panel discussion 26 03 22

Centre for Contemporary Photography and Naarm/Melbourne based photographer and ACB Press publisher Rohan Hutchinson present Considered Environment: the Photobooks of Yukio Tabuchi, and Camera Mainichi as a part of Melbourne Design Week 2022.

Considered Environment reveals the pioneering work of Japanese mountaineering photographer Yukio Tabuchi, in dialogue with the influential editorial design of Camera Mainichi, a monthly Japanese camera magazine. The exhibition explores the defining 1960-70s era of Japanese experimental publication design – a period when book layouts and printing techniques broke from tradition and set a radical future vision for publication design practices around the world.

The exhibition design presents a collage of infamous page spreads from Camera Mainichi 1960-70s; adjacent to these, an index, and publication labels, inform the viewer of original editorial dates, in conjunction with forthcoming Photo books where they're included.

The Yukio Tabuchi section of the exhibition illustrates Tabuchi's working process; this includes reproductions of his sketchbook, in preparation for page designs, along with a variance of photographic imagery, both in exhibition and publication form—the inclusion of these assists in guiding the viewer through his working process.

Achitecture for the Animals

Neo space 10, 11, 2018 - 20, 11, 2018

Self Published Artist book  
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Untitled works, 2018
Pigment prints on fibre rag 310gsm paper. 28 x 22cm, translucent frames.

Editions of 3 + 1 AP

Architecture for the Animals is the immersive body of work by Melbourne based Photographer Rohan Hutchinson. The series is a departure point from his previous large-scale works and explores the intimate relationships between space and publication design, taking his interest in photo-book making into another realm, within the gallery.

Throughout the exhibition the viewer is presented with a variety of visual representations, these range from framed photographs that document Patterns and layering in Ecology and Geology, Scientific plates that capture Animal habitats within the South Thailand Sea and a series of publication layouts that pay homage to early 1970s Japanese photo book design.

Works are created to either hang or rest on a shelf as if a book. An unbound publication as created, where owners can explore all the variance in layout possibilities.


Strange Neighbour gallery 27, 05, 2016 – 18, 06, 2016

Self published 2016
Edition of 700

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Elemental was created during an artist in residency at Gushul Studio Blairmore, Canada during February 2014. Blairmore was chosen due to its variance in extreme weather conditions, during the stay temperatures ranged from +4 Celsius to -34 Celsius.

The work extends from the ideology of a house, inspired by Japanese Architect Go Hasegawa’s basic principles of a house, taken from “thinking, making architecture, living” contemporary architecture concept series volume 11.
Hasegawa speaks of the house (dwelling) which will consist of 4 walls and a roof to shelter us from the elements, the sun, rain, ice and snow, a door to enter and exit, and windows to observe the external environment and to let light in. This is where my interest lie, how the internals of a house can be used to accurately survey the surrounding environment.

To explain further the works are split into 2 different categories, 1 the window studies, the objective viewpoints which document how patterns form on architecture, caused by a variance in extreme weather conditions and a slight shift in geographical position, and 2 the subjective viewpoints, the external environment which formulate these changes.

©2024 Rohan Hutchinson

©2024 Rohan Hutchinson