Mazzoni Michel, Verticales

Published by acb press 2023
Designed by Rohan Hutchinson
Edition of 100

The postcard/poster pack explore Mazzoni relationship with everyday objects as artefacts to explore the representation of the photographic images varied presentation settings. The first side focuses on the photographs of the artefacts, and the verso, the installation images of the works from his exhibition at Verticales, S7 Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Liège, in Belgium.

The publication was created this way so one can view the artifacts individually, or view the exhibition in all its magnificent details. In addition to the cards, the pack included a A3 poster, display his notable wave image, that comes folded down included with the card pack.

Building for a Typhoon

Published by acb press 2023
Designed by Rohan Hutchinson
Edition of 140

Building for a typhoon is the sequel to Rohan Hutchinson's celebrated and out-of-print first publication, 'A brief stroll whilst inspecting architecture.' The Photographic works, created with support by iconic European camera company Arca Swiss, were captured before and after a typhoon that shut Tokyo down in 2019. They document architectural structures and their standing amidst weather variance.

The interest in the body of work lies in how a city's architectural infrastructure presents cultural, economic, and geographic contrasts. The publication's design embraces these contrasts, shifting the historic and modern spaces into an engaging contempoprary book setting that focuses on the layering of space and materials within a metropolis and its representation in publication format.

This sequel is limited to 140 copies produced; each copy comes with a collectible metallic print, signed and numbered. Publication comes encased between two plastic sheets, that serve as a frame for the metallic print.

Ordonez Ordonez, On Trial

Published by acb press 2022
Design + Curatorial direction by Rohan Hutchinson
Edition of 200

Although only residing in the USA for a short period, Toronto-based Chilean Photographer Cristian Ordóñez has spent a large-period of the previous decade revisiting the lower states creating works that explore the notion of memory, personal relationship, and encounters with the territory.

On Trial observes and plays witness to these encounters, a body of work that presents the social, economic, and geographic survey of the landscape traveled by Ordóñez. A survey, engaging with all things natural and foreign on even ground, seeking to question not only the observer but the role of the object within the frame.

On Trial contains a selection of 20 photographs edited by Rohan Hutchinson, and accompanied with text by Ordóñez. Designed to co-exist with previous and forthcoming published works, the body and cover of the publication exist in the same form, contextualising the in-transit approach of the photographic content, along with the journey of its publishing.

North Eastern Estates XL

Published by acb press 2021
Designed by Nina Gibbles + Rohan Hutchinson
Edition of 150 

The North Eastern Estates studies how geographic location alters the built environment.

Photographed over three winters within Hokkaido, Japan, 2010-12, the work researches constraints in building parameters and how these alter the aesthetics and longevity of permanent structures placed into the environment.

The completed series demonstrates the annual transformation of the industrial, residential, and rural built communities.

The publication is in XL format, which allows the work to showcase the nuances within the structures while allowing the visuals to breathe within the page, presenting an exhibition feel within the publication space. The pictorial index informs readers of the photographic works' accurate dimensions and geographic locations.

Leal Pearce, A Field Guide to Seeing New Land

Published by acb press 2021
Designed by Rohan Hutchinson
Edition of 150

The Arctic, the Southern Andes and the South Pole are widely recognised for the effects that climate crisis has had on the landscape. With society becoming more conscious of the impact of climate collapse, large numbers of photo-tourists now flock to these destinations. For an extended period, these locations have been dramatically shaped by the effects of the Anthropocene. It is only more recently that there has been an increase in the traffic to capture a landscape that is rapidly and unnaturally changing.

A Field Guide to Seeing New Land attempts to observe what compels the enthusiast photographer to travel to places in traumatic change and how photo-tourists are instructed to take photographs of their temporary surroundings.

The publication includes an instructional concertina field guide; this mimics Leal's work and references standard photographic guides of the 1970s.

©2024 Rohan Hutchinson

©2024 Rohan Hutchinson