Strange Neighbour gallery 27, 05, 2016 – 18, 06, 2016

Self published 2016
Edition of 700

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Elemental was created during an artist in residency at Gushul Studio Blairmore, Canada during February 2014. Blairmore was chosen due to its variance in extreme weather conditions, during the stay temperatures ranged from +4 Celsius to -34 Celsius.

The work extends from the ideology of a house, inspired by Japanese Architect Go Hasegawa’s basic principles of a house, taken from “thinking, making architecture, living” contemporary architecture concept series volume 11.
Hasegawa speaks of the house (dwelling) which will consist of 4 walls and a roof to shelter us from the elements, the sun, rain, ice and snow, a door to enter and exit, and windows to observe the external environment and to let light in. This is where my interest lie, how the internals of a house can be used to accurately survey the surrounding environment.

To explain further the works are split into 2 different categories, 1 the window studies, the objective viewpoints which document how patterns form on architecture, caused by a variance in extreme weather conditions and a slight shift in geographical position, and 2 the subjective viewpoints, the external environment which formulate these changes.

©2024 Rohan Hutchinson

©2024 Rohan Hutchinson