North Eastern Estates XL

Published by acb press 2021
Designed by Nina Gibbles + Rohan Hutchinson
Edition of 150 

The North Eastern Estates studies how geographic location alters the built environment.

Photographed over three winters within Hokkaido, Japan, 2010-12, the work researches constraints in building parameters and how these alter the aesthetics and longevity of permanent structures placed into the environment.

The completed series demonstrates the annual transformation of the industrial, residential, and rural built communities.

The publication is in XL format, which allows the work to showcase the nuances within the structures while allowing the visuals to breathe within the page, presenting an exhibition feel within the publication space. The pictorial index informs readers of the photographic works' accurate dimensions and geographic locations.

©2024 Rohan Hutchinson

©2024 Rohan Hutchinson