Hutchinson is an Photographic artist/creative practitioner who works within a multidisciplinary practice. The work focuses on climatic themes, incorporating the transformation of natural and built space. Presentations include Exhibition, Publication, and Discourse formats. His photographic practice is supported by Arca Swiss

Rohan acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the sovereign owners of the country where he lives and works, and recognise that sovereignty has not been ceded.

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Encounters is my new project that situates itself in Victorian High Plains. Like many mountain ranges, the region entices curiosity and adventure, a land where seasonal trends work in conjunction with seasonal activities, and the cycle, until recently, remained uninterrupted. 

My approach began with photographic investigations, a land previously observed from a close distance and one I assumed knowledge of. I set out on monthly multiday treks that spanned two- years. My assignment was to capture the landscape's seasonal transformation.

In the early phases of this project, my trajectory quickly changed; in field-work, reading the environment through a Eurocentric seasonal calendar proved ineffective, and the encounters with the macro and micro-environment exposed a new unseen landscape. Weather conditions, previously assumed, shifted without notice, and the changing transformation presented a unique environment of uncertainty and fragility.  

PHOTO 2024

Assigned, Co-curator of the PHOTO 2024, Photo book weekend

Gippsland Art Gallery

Exhibition opens 03, 06, 2023
Exhibtion closed 20, 08, 2023

Installation photograph by Lindsey Roberts

The work is based around a core series of large-format photographs that Hutchinson took during an expedition to the Arctic. The focus of the expedition was to record and document the beauty, immensity, and diversity of the Arctic landscape in this particular moment. Upon returning to Australia, Hutchinson set about reinterpreting and expanding the scope of the resulting photographs in a bid to respond to the impact of climate change on the Arctic region and address our responsibilities not just as Australians, but as global citizens.

Gippsland Art Gallery, Artist Talk 03, 06, 2023
Wedge Performing Art Centre, Artist Talk 06, 06, 2023

©2024 Rohan Hutchinson

©2024 Rohan Hutchinson